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pedophile alert

Posted by FarmerGecko - August 17th, 2022


dont interact with @aryan-senpai

what a sick fucking faggot



Jesus Fucking Christ
As if Meishu wasn’t already a Horrible Person

i dont think she is. i think shes very misguided. i was molested as a kid and beaten my entire life until i turned 18. i know what that does to someone. and despite the biweekly thoughts i have of killing myself and everyone around me, i learned to fight through it and live my life to the fullest. each second i remain alive is a spit in the face to all those people who abused me. im 21 right now. shes only 14 and i believe she has some form of mental illness. she doesnt know how to process something like this. and it genuinely breaks my fucking heart to see anyone deal with this. especially someone on newgrounds.

As much as I hate meishu, this is fucked up

please dont hate her. i truly believe she doesnt know any better

This shit's fucked man. Everything about this situation disgusts me.

@DrunkGecko Oh, That is true
I didn’t think of it that way really

ha! aryan deleted his account because he's exposed

no tom did

Sometimes.I just want to cause physical pain towards other human beings

Yeah I even exposed him

@kg2007 Nah what really happened is that tom fulp deleted his account as a decision to what to do with him.

@fleeaai oooooooohhhh srry, i misunderstood it

Aren't they your boobs


@DrunkGecko did you show off your boobs

That's not me. It's a kid

yeah thats fucked, meshiu isnt a good person but no one deserves that its discusting. the guy got banned tho and yeah thats great but jesus

@DrunkGecko to be honest, i agree with you about her being very misguided, she's not supervillain, but she's not a hero either, she has made alot of dumb decision, maybe i'm just too hopeful, but i feel like maybe she can change to be better person,
i'm really sorry that you had to experience this and i'm glad you're ok.

@DrunkGecko oh I c

is it really that difficult to just not sexually harass minors, people no less? what a fuckin loser

@Hallucinogen2 When you're given a platform that is run by people who protect the wrong kind of people. Said people take it as free reign to do whatever they want. It's why I think Twitter is fucked. They protect more pedos than they protect the victims.

For anyone who is hating on her, realize that her behaviours are VERY NORMAL for a minor who has been sexually abused, exploited, groomed, harassed, assaulted, etc. Overly sexual behaviours and obsessions, and demands for attention from adults develop from these kinds of abuse. I'm not here to speculate on exactly what her life has been like, but this screengrab does indicate that abuse is currently an issue in her life. Often, being the victim of grooming and sexual abuse sets the victim up to be vulnerable to more abuse. We can't say for sure which came first, so there's no point discussing it. I hope she gets the help she needs to deal with this.

DrunkGecko, if any of this has been triggering or difficult to process, my DMs are always open. I will do everything in my power to make you feel heard and welcome to share your stories. I don't want to presume what you're going through, but if you ever need someone to read some words to process your emotions, you're more than welcome to lay it on me. I am not a victim of sexual violence, personally, but I am well versed in matters relating to mental illness, suicide, the affects of trauma, drug abuse, and a whole range of adjacent topics. If suicide is a pressing concern, please call a help line or emergency services.